BE Pressure Whirl-A-Way Surface Cleaner

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BE Pressure Whirl-A-Way Surface Cleaner Info

About BE Pressure Supply:

BE Pressure Supply is a 3rd Generation family owned business. Starting in the agriculture equipment business back in 1969, Braber Equipment made a bold move from the wholesale agriculture market in 1991 and started BE Pressure Supply, a manufacturer of pressure washers. The goal was to compliment the agriculture products being sold through Braber Equipment in Canada and the Pacific Northwest and offer end-users quality products with exceptional value. Since that time BE Pressure has grown from a three man operation in a small warehouse, to eight North American distribution facilities, five manufacturing facilities and proudly exports to more than thirty countries globally today.

About BE Pressure Whirl-A-Way Product Options & Information

The BE Pressure Whirl-a-Way Surface Cleaner has been recently redesigned with a full size swivel and has been improved to resist damage.  Available in a variety of sizes from 12 inches to 24 inches, and comes in either a heavy duty ABS plastic or stainless steel option.  The improved gun now has an anti-fatigue trigger pull and the handle assembly will stand up on its own instead of falling to the ground avoiding dirt getting into the quick coupler on the gun. Perfect for professional contractors, property managers, HOA, Property & Home Owners.

BE Whirl-A-Way Surface Cleaner OEM Repair Parts & Kits

The Whirl-a-Way Surface Cleaner is a fully repairable unit, almost every single part on this unit is available through an OEM parts supplier.  The swivel assembly has a greasable zerk fitting which allows the end user to lubricate and get the maximum life out of the bearings. The swivel assembly is also fully rebuildable with the major repair kit and minor repair kits readily available in our online store.

Why choose a BE Pressure Whirl-A-Way Surface Cleaner?

The BE Whirl-a-Way Surface Cleaner cleans flat surfaces quickly, easily, and evenly. Use it, along with a power washer, to clean large flat surfaces such as long driveways, parking lots, rooftops, or pool decks. This flat surface cleaner prevents zebra striping and increases your cleaning time by up to sixty percent over a regular nozzle. This model has water flow out the front away from the user and zero wall clearance cleaning.

Technical Specifications & Features: