General Pump Hammerhead Prosumer Surface Cleaner

Aug 4, 2015 | General Pump, Hammerhead Surface Cleaner, Surface Cleaners | 0 comments

General Pump Hammerhead Prosumer Surface Cleaner Info

About General Pump:

General Pump, or GP, has been the world leader in plunger pumps since 1982. A company that has been expanded to serve the pressure cleaning industry are now also known for, vehicle wash, sewer jetting, oil and gas mining, misting. Striving to serve their customers better, they also offer a full line of surface cleaners, which we offer in our store.

About General Pump Hammerhead Prosumer Values

As far as price is concerned, the General Pump prosumer surface cleaner has a great value. Their line varies from $119.95 for the TriKleener all the way up to $399.99 for General Pump Hammerhead 20 inch in our store. All units come new in the box with a 90 day warranty from General Pump.  These units are very easy to transport and store, being equipped with a portable breakaway handle and quick connections. These Surface Cleaners can be used for hot and cold water applications.

GP Hammerhead Surface Cleaner OEM Repair Parts & Kits

The Hammerhead prosumer surface cleaner has been designed to be repairable by the user. A full list of OEM parts can be found on this website, just browse in our shop in the General Pump Hammerhead surface cleaner section to find a solution to all of your Surface Cleaning needs. We stock all OEM replacement parts for the line and can be shipped to your doorstep nationwide.

Why choose a General Pump Hammerhead Prosumer Surface Cleaner?

It’s the perfect unit for the budget minded customer, but durable enough to withstand any type of contractor work. It cleans flat surfaces in a fraction of the time it would take with a normal pressure wand. Coming into the market for a fraction of the price of other surface cleaners, the Hammerhead does not sacrifice the quality of the unit, making this a great value buy. The GP surface cleaner line cleans sidewalks, parking lots, tennis courts, shop floors, patios or any other large surface.

Technical Specifications & Features:

  • Rated at up to 4000 PSI
  • Use with 4-8 GPM Pressure Washers
  • Includes Quick Connect to attach to your pressure washer.
  • Can be used with water temperatures up to 180 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Lightweight and portable
  • GREASABLE Bearing Swivel for long life.